Superior cooling to help keep your produce fresh.

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The Deepchill® difference

Deepchill® consists of billions of pearl-like micro-crystals that fully coat products like broccoli, getting right into the crown and in between the individual florets to provide maximum cooling power. This preserves the field-fresh quality of the product from harvest to packing to storage and shipping.

From reducing shipping weights, to increasing shelf life and shipping distances, Deepchill® has enabled growers to improve their product quality, optimize operations, and ultimately grow their business. Deepchill® is an ideal solution for packing produce such as broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, carrots and asparagus.


Fast and uniform cooling

Field heat must be removed as soon as possible in order to avoid wilting and yellowing after harvest. With the fastest chilling rate (reduce core product temperature above freezing in 10 minutes), Deepchill® provides the most effective method to stopping the degradation process.


Longer shelf life

Deepchill® retains moisture far better than other icing methods and prevents produce from wilting or drying, and reduces respiration rate, thereby extending shelf life. Produce is retained in a fresh and attractive condition throughout the cold chain.


Long-lasting cooling

Deepchill® doesn’t leave hot pockets in shipping boxes. Deepchill®’s tiny (0.16mm in diameter) crystals flow over and coat all surfaces. They last longer during shipping than flake or crushed ice and do not require re-icing – extending sales / shipping window and expanding reach to farther markets.


Improved efficiency

Deepchill® can be directly pumped into packing cartons, reducing the labor required to move ice in a facility as well as minimizing water and ice wastage. An entire skid of 48 boxes of broccoli can be Deepchilled in less than a minute. Deepchill® is also 20% more energy efficient to produce and apply.

Quality compliance

Deepchill® systems are USDA-certified and eliminate contamination points to facilitate HACCP compliance – enabling clients to meet quality and safety requirements of the most profitable markets.

Growing business through better cooling and preservation

See how adding a Deepchill® system helped Sandovegetales improve product shelf life, expand production and sell their broccoli to new markets.

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