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About Deepchill

Deepchill Solutions Inc. is the leading global provider of advanced food preservation and cooling technology to industry leaders around the world.

Installed and used worldwide

Deepchill slurry ice technology was patented by Sunwell Engineering Inc. in Canada in 1978. Today, Deepchill Solutions Inc. is the licensee of Sunwell in manufacturing and distribution of Deepchill production, storage and distribution systems. For over 45 years, Deepchill has been a disruptive technology bringing groundbreaking changes to a range of industries, from food processing to transportation to HVAC.

Deepchill has been recognized as the most advanced and effective means of cooling and preservation available for a wide range of applications. We are proud of the impact that our technology offers to our clients: fresher foods, cleaner environment and energy savings.

45 years of innovation

Patented technology


Deepchill® is a pioneering technology, covered by over 30 global patents in the field. No other slurry ice system offers the efficiency, flexibility or ease of operation. Today our research and development arm continues to innovate and push the boundaries of technology.