Highly Effective, non-destructive pipe cleaning

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Traditional pipe cleaning methods present several challenges. A hard pig, for example, cannot cope with large changes in pipe diameter and direction, and may potentially get stuck in the main, requiring costly and time-consuming excavation to remove. Other techniques such as flushing are inefficient, less effective and require large volumes of water.

In the ice pigging process, Deepchill® is used to clean the insides of pipes using the abrasive quality of ice to scour the pipes – quickly, with low risk and using significantly less water. Ice pigging is effective not only in cleaning watermains and sewage lines, it can also be applied in different industries such as oil & gas, breweries, dairy, food and beverage, cosmetics and home products.

Benefits of Pipe Cleaning with Deepchill®


Highly effective but not destructive

Ice pigging with Deepchill® combines the effectiveness of invasive techniques like hard pigging, swabbing, or harsh chemicals with the non-disruptive nature of water flushing. The semi-solid Deepchill® is pumped into a pipe, removing contaminants, without causing any damages.


Flexible and versatile

Compared to traditional hard pigs or soft swabbing, Deepchill® is a flexible medium that easily flows through bends, changes in diameter, valves, and complex layouts without getting stuck or causing blockages, all while leaving the walls of the pipe clean and undamaged.


Minimal downtime

Deepchill® ice pigging is often quicker than conventional cleaning methods, cleaning pipes in a single pass. It also doesn’t require extensive downtime for drying, chlorination, or curing, excavation or bypass mains.


Environmentally Friendly

Ice Pigging with Deepchill® uses no chemicals and approximately 50% less water than standard water flushing, while also drastically reducing the amount of effluent.

Ice Pigging in Processing Plants

Deepchill® ice pigging is a revolutionary pipe cleaning solution where hygiene and product integrity are paramount. From food processing to personal care product plants, Deepchill® cleans the piping system, enhancing product recovery and ensuring consistent product quality.

Food Processing Factories: In industries such as condiments and dairy production, maintaining sanitary conditions is non-negotiable. Ice pigging ensures that pipes carrying products like sauces, creams, and dairy liquids remain free from buildup, ensuring product quality and compliance with strict food safety standards.

Personal care and cosmetics: Ice pigging offers a gentle yet thorough cleaning solution for pipelines involved in the production (i.e. hair care, body wash and creams) removing residues and ensuring consistent product quality.

In this application, a stationary Deepchill® system is integrated with the factory’s CIP (Clean-in-Place) system, ensuring a streamlined and efficient cleaning process.

In less than 24 months, ice pigging with Deepchill® can pay for itself by saving water, generating less effluent and recovering more product left in the line.

Increased Product Recovery

Ice pigging can increase product recovery from the lines by up to 90%, maximizing yield and reducing waste.

Reduction in Effluent Surcharges

By effectively recovering product, ice pigging can help reduce effluent surcharges, contributing to cost savings while improving environmental sustainability.

Higher Efficiency

Deepchill® ice pigging cleans pipes at a fraction of time compared to water flushing, reducing downtime and optimizing production schedules.

Versatile Solution

Whether dealing with viscous condiments, delicate dairy products, or sensitive pharmaceutical ingredients, Deepchill® ice pigging can adapt to a wide range of processing requirements.

Ice Pigging for Water Mains and Wastewater

In the realm of water mains and wastewater management, maintaining clean and efficient pipelines is essential for ensuring the delivery of safe drinking water and effective wastewater treatment.

Water Distribution Networks: In water distribution networks, maintaining clean and efficient pipelines is crucial for delivering safe and reliable drinking water to consumers. Ice pigging effectively removes accumulated sediment, mineral deposits, and biofilm from water mains, improving flow rates, reducing the risk of blockages, and enhancing water quality.

Wastewater Collection Systems: In wastewater collection systems, preventing blockages and ensuring uninterrupted flow is essential for efficient wastewater transport and treatment. Ice pigging offers a proactive solution for cleaning sewer lines, lift stations, and other wastewater infrastructure, minimizing the risk of backups, overflows, and environmental contamination.

In this application, a Mobile Deepchill® system is deployed to generate, store and discharge the ice pig.

Enhanced Flow Capacity

Deepchill® ice pigging removes accumulated sediment, debris, and biofilm from pipelines, restoring flow capacity and optimizing hydraulic performance.

Improved Water Quality

By effectively cleaning pipelines, ice pigging helps maintain water quality standards, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring the delivery of clean and safe drinking water to consumers.

Cost Savings

As a cost-effective alternative, Deepchill® ice pigging uses the existing fittings  such as hydrants and air valves, does not require the installation of launchers or catchers, offering significant savings in terms of labor, materials, and downtime.

Environmental Sustainability

With minimal water usage and waste generation, ice pigging aligns with sustainable practices in water resource management and wastewater treatment, reducing the environmental impact of pipeline maintenance activities.

Deepchill® Mobile System

Deepchill® mobile systems are powerful units designed to generate, store and deliver Deepchill® on the road. These modular units are easy to maintain and extremely reliable to withstand the tough road conditions.

The Mobile units are engineered with a closed-loop system that results in consistent ice pig production, which means better pipe cleaning results. A single unit produces 10 MT of Deepchill® in under 7 hours (overnight – using off peak power), therefore more projects can be completed with less overhead.

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  • Modular units with full redundancy
  • Deepchill® Generators with air-cooled condensers
  • HMI Touchscreen with wireless control function
  • Remote monitoring of system operation via Internet
  • Off-grid power supply option for control panels and heaters
  • All insulated steel pipes, no flex joints or copper tubing
  • Heat tracing to prevent freezing
  • Integrated filtration system
  • Operates with both diesel and electrical power


  • Produce and deliver batches of Deepchill® with mobile generation and mixing units
  • Generates Deepchill® from brine or seawater
  • Maximum crystal concentration of 95% (by apparent volume using Cafetiere method, for ice pigging application)
  • Adjustable Deepchill® concentration
  • Adjustable Deepchill® delivery rate
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