The perfect chilling medium in food processing setups

The Deepchill® difference

Fresher quality, faster cooling, even more efficient operations—every advantage that you can seize for your business helps enhance your profitability. Deepchill® slurry ice provides a highly advanced cooling process that can help you improve your food processing efficiency and make the most of your business.


Fast and uniform cooling

With its high latent energy, Deepchill® provides rapid cooling to massive amounts of product, efficiently and consistently.



Deepchill® slurry ice is all natural and safe to be used in direct contact with food. The system components are all stainless steel – the first and best choice for food processing.


Superior hygiene

Deepchill® systems are closed and automated with no points of contact with outside contaminants. The systems are USDA approved and HACCP compliant.


Streamlined operation

Simplify and speed up the processing operation with automated delivery of Deepchill® to multiple points of use.

Ideal for a variety of applications

Deepchill® slurry ice can be applied in various food processing operations such as pre-cooked foods, dairy processing, breweries and more, and can be adopted in both batch or continuous operations.

The Deepchill® can be adapted to suit different processes and apparatus:

  • Products can be sprayed with or immersed into Deepchill®
  • Deepchill® can be pumped through a plate and frame heat exchanger for indirect cooling
  • Deepchill® can be applied in various chilling apparatus, such as immersion chilling tanks (with or without conveyor), hydrocoolers, spin chillers, etc.
  • Deepchill® can be retrofitted into existing chillers to double or triple capacity

Immersion cooling for soup cups

An agitated Deepchill® immersion bath was used in a continuous flow operation to cool down cooked soup cups.


  • Deepchill® shortened the time required to cool 0.68 kg cups of soups from 88°C to 2°C by 75%.
  • Deepchill reduced cooling for the Linear Chiller from 165 minutes down to 40 minutes.
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