Efficient building air conditioning systems

The Deepchill® difference

Energy consumption for air conditioning accounts for almost half of the total energy costs for a building. With the rising operational costs of today’s cooling systems, thermal storage is an effective way of levelling air conditioning loads to reduce demand charges for electricity.

The Deepchill® Thermal Storage system is based on the production of slurry ice containing millions of fine Deepchill® crystals. These crystals are efficiently generated in the Deepchill® generator using sub-cooled crystallization.

The Deepchill® thermal storage system is a highly advanced cooling process that can help you achieve significant energy saving and lower your operating costs.

High ice-making efficiency

Two-thirds of the total energy for air conditioning is consumed in heat/cold transfer. Because the Deepchill® system is based on bulk ice crystallization, the heat transfer process is much more efficient than flake, shell or plate ice makers, in which the ice is built on the surface of the heat exchanger.

Better load control

The Deepchill® system can release large amounts of cooling within a short period of time for better load control. This is due to the tiny ice crystals in Deepchill®, which create a large heat transfer surface inside the storage tank. When the return coolant is sprayed over the porous ice bed at the top part of the tank, it is effectively cooled down as ice crystals melt evenly.

Compact system

The Ice packing factor in the storage tank affects the size of the tank, and in turn of the whole system. Deepchill® consists of millions of tiny ice crystals that allow for a high ice packing factor of 50%–60%, making the system suitable for installations where space is limited.

Flexible installation

Because Deepchill® can be pumped from one place to another, the ice storage tank can be positioned at places far apart from the ice generators. This feature provides unique flexibility for a building complex compared to conventional ice systems.

Reduce your energy costs

  • Use Deepchill® thermal storage for over 75% of the time in a year.
  • Take advantage of low-cost night-time energy.
  • Use heat rejection in the cooling mode for space heating in winter to achieve economic operation.
  • Save about 50% of the yearly air conditioning cost.