Make it snow on demand!

The Deepchill® difference

When your business depends on having reliable snow, unpredictability can impact your operations and your bottom line. Deepchill® is your insurance. The Deepchill® system lets you produce snow crystals on demand, at any ambient temperature, any time you need it.


Snow at any temperature

Deepchill® snow crystals are formed using a unique distributed crystallization process inside a closed generator and storage silo. It allows you to produce powder snow, even in the summer.


Superior quality

Snow produced from Deepchill® ice crystals is immediately distinguishable from the other types of artificial snows due to its structure and uniform color.


Automated handling

Deepchill® ice crystals can be generated in bulk and stored in silos and automatically dispensed or blown where needed.

Snow for any application

Deepchill® is ideal for a wide range of applications requiring a reliable source of snow, such as:

  • Ski Hills and indoor ski facilities
  • Zoos
  • Film sets

Alps Center, Bottrop, Germany

Deepchill® snow being tested at the Alp Centre in Bottrop, Germany. Assessments of the Deepchill® snow have been very positive, with ski instructors acknowledging the structure and colour of the artificial snow. Deepchill® snow had significantly more sparkle than other artificial snows. Snowboard instructors also noted the better sliding nature of the new snow.


SeaWorld Penguin Habitat, San Diego, U.S.A.

We have provided salt-free Deepchill® in a dry form for the “penguin encounter” display at Sea World. The “encounter” reproduces the natural habitat of the penguins.

It is a closed environment and is maintained at approximately 30ºF (-1ºC) ambient temperature. The whole environment (floor, rocks, sled, etc.) is covered with about 15 cm of Deepchill® snow, which is blown into the encounter once a day, 7 days a week.

Due to the lightness of Deepchill crystals, a more uniform coverage of the encounter can be obtained in less time and labour. For penguins, Deepchill crystals have the closest appearance and feel to snow and the penguins love it!

The initial system was installed in 1999, and after 18 years of reliable performance the system was upgraded and modernized with a new generation of Deepchill® system in 2017.

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