The most effective meat cooling solution

The Deepchill® difference

Higher quality, faster cooling, even more efficient operations—every advantage that you can seize for your business helps enhance your profitability. Deepchilling is a highly advanced cooling process that can help you improve your meat production and make the most of your business.


Fast, uniform and consistent cooling

With the highest cooling energy, Deepchill® provides immediate and uniform cooling of the meat, without affecting the ratio of water to meat and reducing the required blending time.


Retain moisture

With Deepchill® preservation, the muscle fibers of the meat better retain the natural moisture that comes out of the meat during grinding or cutting, and even through further processing.


Streamlined operation

Simplify and speed up the processing operation with automated delivery of measured doses of Deepchill® to multiple points of use, reducing labor required for ice handling in the facility as well as eliminating ice wastage.


Flexible integration

Deepchill® systems work with continuous or batch mixers and is easily integrated into automatic batch systems.

Deepchill® applications for the meat processing industry

Deepchill® direct cooling for meat grinding process

Deepchill® slurry is pumped through a closed loop and delivered directly to the meat blenders. Metering pumps at each delivery location provide a precise control of Deepchill® discharged from the loop to the blenders. Thanks to the homogenous nature of Deepchill® and its microscopic ice crystals, meat is cooled rapidly and uniformly, improving meat quality.


Deepchill® spray cooling for sausages and hotdogs

Deepchill® is pumped through a closed loop connected to the sausage Cooling Chamber and sprayed on the product. This can reduce cooling time of hotdogs by as much as 25% and therefore improve productivity and increase throughput. Compared to conventional brine coolers, this system dramatically reduces the NaCl content in the drainage

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