Colder. Fresher. Longer. Deepchill® slurry ice technology delivers exceptional cooling and preservation for superior product quality. Harness the power of superchilling to improve your operations and bottom line. Learn about Deepchill® applications

The Deepchill® difference

The revolutionary Deepchill® slurry technology provides fast, uniform and long-lasting cooling– resulting in superior quality, longer shelf life, operational efficiencies and even greater market reach.


Delivering 2–3 times the cooling rate of conventional flake or crushed ice, Deepchill® slurry ice provides instant and uniform superchilling without freezing your product.

Reduced contamination risk

Deepchill® slurry ice is produced and stored in a closed system, pumped and distributed through sealed piping, without exposure to any outside contaminants.

Lower energy costs

Low energy requirements and high cooling efficiency makes Deepchill® ice making equipment a smart and environment-friendly investment for any business. The system allows you load level or load shift to off-peak hours with lower electricity rates.

Improved labour costs

Unlike conventional flake ice, Deepchill® systems are fully automated, and the free-flowing ice slurry that can be pumped anywhere, makes icing process automated and easy to handle. No shoveling or fork-lifting required.

Adaptable to your needs

Deepchill® 10-40

An easy-flowing liquid “slurry” that offers the fastest cooling rate. An ideal solution for applications requiring rapid chilling.

Deepchill® 50-70

A thicker “paste” that contains a higher concentration of crystals, yielding long-lasting cooling and providing greater protection around delicate products.

Deepchill® 100

Dry, free-flowing “crystals” that provide superior cooling for liquid-free or salt-free environments. Ideal for packing and shipping products, or as artificial snow.

Cooling and preservation for a wide range of industries

Industrial baking
Industrial baking

Ideal for every application

Cooling and preservation
Cooling and preservation
Industrial applications
Industrial applications
Process cooling
Process cooling

The flexibility you need

Deepchill® slurry making equipment offers a wide range of cooling temperatures and ice consistencies delivering optimum results across a variety of products and applications. Slurry ice can be formulated with different additives to provide the best preservation for each specific application.

Water source

Fresh water or sea water

Ice fraction range

From 10% to 100% pure crystals

Crystal size

Variable size to retain or drain water


From 0.1% and up

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