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Deepchill Slurry Ice Applications

Deepchill® provides an adaptable cooling and preservation process that is ideal for a wide range of applications. Companies around the world in a variety of industries use the Deepchill® system to achieve fast, uniform and long-lasting cooling. It can be applied in different forms to suit specific applications—from a liquid paste to dry crystal form, depending on your needs. Deepchill® is all natural and safe for use where direct contact with food products occurs.

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Did you know?

Cooling rate is directly related to the surface coverage

Cooling rate is proportional to the surface contact area of the ice. In other words, the surface coverage directly impacts the speed of removing heat from a product. Deepchill® cools products at least 3 times faster than conventional ice because its small spherical crystals completely wrap around the product and leave no air or heat pockets.


Did you know?

Crystal Size Matters!

Slurry ice is made up of billions of crystals suspended in water. But not all slurry ices are equal, even if they contain similar concentration of crystals (AKA ice fraction). Smaller crystals form a more homogeneous slush that holds the liquid and hardly separates.

Slurry with larger crystals however, is easier to be drained – and that is a game-changer for applications such as packing seafood or produce. While the pump-ability and coverage remain the same, the excess water can be easily drained and only crystals remain to preserve the product for extended period of time.

Deepchill® systems are the only ones in the world that can adjust the size of spherical crystals from small (0.1 mm) to large (1 mm) to suit any application.