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Deepchill at your service


24/7 Service Hotline

How we can help

Application consultancy and engineering design

As the pioneer of slurry ice technology, we have built over 45 years of know-how and experience. Our team of problem solvers have been at the forefront of applying slurry technology in new industries.

We believe one size doesn’t fit all. Our solutions are custom designed and built to individual requirements of our clients. And because every application is different and every operation is unique, we provide applicational consultancy. We make sure our systems are fully integrated into client’s processes, fitting their specific application to achieve optimal results.

Commissioning and installation supervision

Upon delivery, a certified Deepchill Technician will commission the system at site to ensure seamless installation and optimized operation of the system.

Certified training

We provide comprehensive on-site training to your team to ensure they can properly and safely operate and maintain the system. The hands-on training is provided by a Deepchill® Technician, and a certificate is issued to participants upon completion of the modules.

Service and maintenance

All our equipment is backed by warranty. We also offer service agreements to optimize performance and extend the lifetime of your system. Agreements are tailored to your needs and include remote monitoring, annual maintenance and service visits, and beneficial pricing for parts and service technician rates.

Original spare parts

We guarantee availability of original spare parts around the world. Parts are available for order individually or as spare parts packages. These packages are designed to provide rapid access to critical parts, reduce troubleshooting time and deliver highest value.

24/7 service hotline

At any time, regardless of your time zone, you can easily get in touch with a Deepchill® technician by calling our 24/7 service hot line at 1-416-670-1404, or by sending an email to [email protected]. If on-site work is required, a site visit by a service technician is arranged as soon as possible.

Remote monitoring and troubleshooting

Our systems are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities that enable us to proactively monitor and troubleshoot your system online. This pre-emptive approach to service means that we can avoid potential production problems, ensure that your system is always running at peak efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Software Customization

Fully automated Deepchill® systems are controlled by proprietary software equipped with HMI screens. Based on client requirements, the software, interface and language can be customized.

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