Longer shelf life. Lower drip loss. Get the most out of your mussel production.

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Preserving peak freshness through better cooling

See how Deepchill® system helped Prince Edward Aqua Farms deliver top-quality mussels to customers while reducing labour and costs.

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The Deepchill® difference

Fresher products, longer shelf life, even more efficient operations — every advantage that you can seize for your business helps enhance your profitability. Deepchilling is a highly advanced process that rapidly chills your mussels to better retain their moisture and prevent weight loss — for the highest quality product possible.


Fast, uniform cooling

With its fluid properties, Deepchill® is pumped into each container and flows through and around the mesh bags. This quickly cools each individual mussel to just above 0ºC and maintains their core temperature.


Superior preservation

Deepchill® surrounds and protects the mussels, maintains them at a constant low temperature and retains their moisture content, to better preserve your product.


Reduce overpack

Better moisture retention enables the mussels to maintain their weight longer. By limiting drip loss, Deepchilling can help you to reduce overpacking by over 50%, allowing you to sell more product.


Long-lasting solution

Deepchill® lasts longer in transit or storage because its tightly packed ice crystals inhibit air flow. The extended shelf life — up to 14 days — allows you to expand your markets by shipping to farther destinations.

Maintain freshness in the cold chain

Deepchill® allows you to maintain the optimal condition of your product throughout the cold chain. Its automated system is easy to operate and maintain for improved efficiency and reduced labour. Deepchill® can serve multiple icing locations anywhere in your plant and can even be integrated with automated packaging machines.

1. Harvest & Transport


2. Process


3. Pre-Chill

Deepchill® can be used to pre-chill mussels prior to packing. This buffer allows for a smoother operation and reduces the amount of Deepchill® needed for shipping.


4. Packing (Sealed Trays)

Mussels are packed in sealable trays with a measured dose of Deepchill® automatically discharged into the trays.


7. Distribution

Mussels are protected and preserved in long-lasting Deepchill® throughout the distribution chain.


6. Deepchilling

Deepchill® is pumped into the boxes, flowing through and surrounding bags.  The excess water is drained, leaving the box fully packed with crystals.


5. Packing (Mesh Bags)

Mussels are packed in mesh bags and placed in boxes before Deepchilling.


Deepchill® vs. Flake Ice

In collaboration with the Fisheries and Marine Institute, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Deepchill has conducted research to study the effects of Deepchilling on mussels in comparison with flake ice over a 14-day period.

The preliminary results of this 2017 study suggest that mussels (Mytilus edulis) cooled with Deepchill® had 3 times faster cooling and reduced mortality and drip loss until 14 days of storage, in comparison to mussels cooled with flake ice.

Fresh characteristic odors were also maintained throughout the storage period for mussels in Deepchill®, whereas mussels in flake ice developed off-odors by day 9 of the storage, and putrid odors by day 14.


Thermocouple probes in mussels – Flake Ice

mussels test-dc

Thermocouple probes in mussels – Deepchill®

Source: Independent study by The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland

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