Deepchill® systems are available in a variety of configurations designed to fit any operation.

ice system with storage silo

Storage silo-based systems

Silo-based systems feature a passive storage unit. The static storage system does not require continuous agitation or external refrigeration, resulting in low energy consumption.

Key advantages:

  • Very low energy losses due to well insulated system
  • Minimizes number of generators while enabling handling of peak demands
  • Long-term storage of Deepchill® without contamination or bridging
  • Less than 2% loss to meltage compared to10% in conventional ice storage
  • Can obtain Deepchill® with minimal salt content (approx. 0.5%).
  • Allows high-density storage of Deepchill® (at 70% ice fraction), minimizing the storage footprint
  • Produces different types of crystals (through recrystallization) for different applications
  • Designed based on the FIFO (First In, First Out) method
  • Deepchill® can be accurately metered and distributed to multiple locations

Mixing storage-based systems

Mixing storage-based systems feature active storage / dispensers. They require a lower-cost investment compared to silo-based systems

Key advantages:

  • Ideal for smaller spaces due to smaller footprint
  • Smaller storage capacity, easier to install
  • Produce, store and pump up to highly dense 60% ice fraction – minimizing storage size
  • The unique re-circulation design provides ability to maintain Deepchill® uniformity and consistency
  • Deepchill® can be accurately metered and distributed to multiple locations
  • Features insulated tanks with minimal energy losses
deepchill system with no storage

Inline systems – without storage

These once-through compact systems deliver Deepchill® inline and can use auxiliary tanks for storage.

Key advantages:

  • Lowest investment compared to other systems
  • Highly space efficient, fitting into tight spaces
  • Provides a very high cooling rate due to type of crystals discharged directly from the generator
  • Applicable where steady flow of Deepchill® is required
  • Flexibility to operate continuously when processing higher-than-usual capacity