Safe, cost-effective pipe cleaning

Clean with the power of slurry ice

Maintaining infrastructure is an essential part of good asset management. This includes keeping city watermain and pipes, and plant pipelines in good repair. Traditional cleaning methods, however, can present challenges. A hard pig, for example, can get stuck in the main, requiring costly and time-consuming excavation to remove. Other techniques such as flushing are inefficient, less effective and require large volumes of water.

In the ice pigging process, Deepchill® is used to clean the insides of pipes using the abrasive quality of ice to scour the pipes – quickly, with low risk and using significantly less water. Ice pigging can be applied in different industries such as oil & gas, breweries, dairy, food and beverage, cosmetics and home products.


Highly effective with low impact

Ice pigging with Deepchill® combines the effectiveness of invasive cleaning techniques such as hard pigging or swabbing with the minimal disruption of water flushings. A semi-solid Deepchill® is pumped into a pipe, like a liquid, while taking on the properties of a solid within the pipe, scouring the walls to remove sediment and built-up deposits.


Flexible medium

Compared to traditional hard pigs or soft swabbing, Deepchill® is a more flexible medium for travelling through pipes. The pumped Deepchill® can flow through changes in diameter, bends, valves and complex layouts without getting stuck and causing blockage, all while leaving the walls of the pipe undamaged.


Minimal downtime

Ice Pigging with Deepchill® is ideal for cleaning pipes that cannot be taken out of service for a long period of time. The Deepchill® is simply pumped into a hydrant at one end of the pipe section and recovered from a hydrant at the other end. No need for excavation or bypass mains.


Environmentally Friendly

Ice Pigging with Deepchill® uses approximately 50% less water than standard water flushing, while drastically reducing the volume of effluent. In sewer force mains, ice pigging increases pump capacity, thus reducing pump times and therefore power consumption.

Deepchill® mobile systems are powerful units designed to generate, store and deliver Deepchill® on the road. These modular units are easy to maintain and extremely reliable to withstand the tough road conditions.

The Mobile units are engineered with a closed-loop system that results in consistent ice pig production, which means better pipe cleaning results. A single unit produces 10 MT of Deepchill® in under 7 hours (overnight – using off peak power), therefore more projects can be completed with less overhead.

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Deepchill® Mobile System


  • Modular units with full redundancy
  • Deepchill® Generators with air-cooled condensers
  • HMI Touchscreen with wireless control function
  • Remote monitoring of system operation via Internet
  • Off-grid power supply option for control panels and heaters
  • All insulated steel pipes, no flex joints or copper tubing
  • Heat tracing to prevent freezing
  • Integrated filtration system
  • Operates with both diesel and electrical power


  • Produce and deliver batches of Deepchill® with mobile generation and mixing units
  • Generates Deepchill® from brine or seawater
  • Maximum crystal concentration of 95% (by apparent volume using Cafetiere method, for ice pigging application)
  • Adjustable Deepchill® concentration
  • Adjustable Deepchill® delivery rate
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