Superior cooling to help improve your poultry production.

The Deepchill® difference

Higher quality, faster cooling, even more efficient operations—every advantage that you can seize for your business helps enhance your profitability. Deepchilling is a highly advanced cooling and preservation process that can help you improve your poultry production and make the most of your business.


Fast, uniform and consistent cooling

With the highest cooling rate, Deepchill® provides immediate and uniform cooling without freezing—helping poultry processors adhere to strict government regulations on temperature control of birds


Efficient performance

The faster cooling of Deepchill® helps boost spin chiller (screw chiller) capacity and performance, speeding up your operations, without adding additional equipment.


Superior hygiene

Deepchill® is generated, stored and distributed in a closed environment, and never exposed to outside contaminants. The powerful cooling capacity of Deepchill eliminates the need to recirculate red water in the spin chiller (screw chiller), dramatically reducing risk of contamination


Streamlined operation

Simplify and speed up the processing operation with easy delivery of Deepchill® to multiple points of use, reducing labor required to move ice in the facility as well as eliminating ice wastage.

Higher quality frozen product through Deepchilling

Deepchilled birds are faster to freeze. Not only does this increase the efficiency and throughput of freezers, it improves the quality of the chicken.

During freezing, chickens pre-cooled with Deepchill® will form small, round crystals instead of the sharp long (dendrite) crystals that are formed during slow freezing. These dendrite crystals puncture the cells during defrosting, resulting in a lower quality product.


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