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Success stories

We have partnered with many successful companies around the world, helping them achieve greater heights in performance using our Deepchill® system to meet their cooling and preservation needs.

Prince Edward Aqua Farms

Mussel chilling and packing

Using Deepchill® enabled Prince Edward Aqua Farms to expand their market all over North America with a consistently fresh and premium quality product.

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McCarthy’s Fisheries Limited

Onboard cooling

A Deepchill® system installed onboard their new vessel helped McCarthy’s enhance their operations and their bottom line.

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Yamahon Corporation

Fresh fish chilling and packing

Integrating a Deepchill® system into their entire operations enabled Yamahon Corporation to stand out from the competition with their premium quality saury fish.

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Fresh broccoli packing

Integrating a Deepchill® system into their new facility helped Sandovegetales expand their production and reach new markets for their high-quality produce.

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National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA)

Sashimi-quality shrimp from the desert

From farming and processing operations, integrating a Deepchill® system enabled NAQUA to increase production of premium head-on shrimp and ensure delivering consistently high-quality products.

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