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The Deepchill® Difference

The unrivalled cooling rate of Deepchill® makes it an ideal medium for the cooling of cooked products such as crab where rapid cooling is critical to prevent weight loss and ensure the highest quality. Independent sensory tests confirm that crab products cooled with Deepchill® slurry ice technology result in superior colour retention, natural sweetness, and meat texture.


Rapid chilling

Deepchill® is an unparalleled cooling medium that can chill a batch of cooked crab to its optimal temperature in less than 10 minutes — significantly faster than chilled water or ice water. The process is so quick, there is virtually no salt uptake.


Prevent over-cooking

Cooling cooked crab presents a unique challenge because the high temperature of the product can quickly lead to overcooking. Deepchill® instantly stops the cooking process of the crab meat, helping to deliver a higher quality product.


Hygienic handling

Deepchill® slurry ice is produced and stored in a closed system and is distributed through sealed piping, without exposure to any outside contaminants. There is also no re-circulation in the system to prevent contamination. You can count on safe and hygienic handling of your crab products.


Less weight loss

Independent studies show that cooked crab that is rapidly cooled using Deepchill® technology retains moisture and can cut the weight loss associated with conventional chilling methods by half, and therefore increase the processing yield of this valuable product

Designed for your seafood operations – a single solution

You don’t need to invest in different systems for the various types of products you handle in your seafood operation. Deepchill® can be integrated into a variety of operation settings (batch or continuous) and different chilling apparatus such as immersion chilling tanks — with or without a conveyor.

Streamline your operations

Higher quality, increased capacity, even more efficient operations — every advantage that you can seize for your business helps enhance your profitability. Deepchill® slurry ice is an advanced rapid cooling technology that delivers the most superior pre-cooked seafood possible. Deepchill® not only improves cooked crab product quality and yield, but it can also increase the capacity of your production line and optimize operations without having to invest in any additional equipment.

1. Cook

Crab cooked in batch or continuous operations.


2. Chill

Cooked crab enter chilling tanks where Deepchill® is automatically charged with temperature-sensitive dosing system.


3. Process Line

Within minutes, Deepchilled crab is ready for meat extraction. The Deepchilled meat is easier to extract from the shell.


5. Distribution


4. Freezer

In case of frozen products, freezing capacity and efficiency is improved since crab is now pre-chilled before entering freezer, resulting in quick freezing and higher quality product.


Lower Drip Loss and Improve Yield

In the same study, natural weight loss of cooked whole crab was compared in both cooling methods. The crab sample after chilling in ice water lost as much as 8% of its mass weight. By contrast, using Deepchill® cut the weight loss to less than 3%.
It must be noted that in industrial settings, weight loss of cooked crab can be impacted by several uncontrollable variables such as internal cooking temperature, size, liveliness, shell softness, etc. However, the impact of Deepchill® slurry ice on weight yield can still be significant.

Source: Independent study by The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland

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