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Improving operation’s efficiency

See how Deepchill® system helped streamline operations at MOWI Canada  and improve preservation of salmon prior to filleting.

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The Deepchill® Difference

Deepchill® keeps the fish colder and fresher for longer, enabling farmers and processors get the most out of their operation. Deepchill® allows you to maintain the optimal freshness of your fish throughout the cold chain, so that your clients can enjoy a truly “Farm Fresh” quality fish.


Fast, uniform cooling

Deepchill® completely surrounds your fish to maximize the cooling surface. Fish is quickly and uniformly cooled from top to bottom of the tank to an optimal temperature of -1º to 0ºC and maintained at this constant temperature — resulting in consistent quality through every batch.


Improve operation efficiency

Deepchill® can be automatically pumped into any point of use, improving operation consistency, reducing the labor required to handle ice, and eliminating costly operation and maintenance of intensive rakes, augers, crushers and ice conveying systems.


Higher filleting yield

As the flesh remains firm and in excellent condition, you can improve yield from the filleting process by 1-2%. Deepchilling fish delays the start of rigor mortis and eases the rigor process, resulting in less gaping.


Extended shelf life

Deepchilling’s faster cooling rate allows your fish to be quickly cooled to sub-zero temperature, preserving its appearance and keeping it in peak quality. Cooling and storing fish in Deepchill® can extend its shelf life by 7 days.

Improving production through better cooling

See how our Deepchill® system helped improve a salmon processing operation in Kamchatka, Russia.

Watch the video to learn more

Maintain freshness in the cold chain

Deepchill®’s adaptable cooling and preservation process allows you to maintain the optimal condition of your fish through every stage of the process. It can be applied in different forms or ice fractions to suit specific applications — with an automated system that’s easy to operate and maintain for improved efficiency and minimal downtime.

1. Harvest

Upon harvest, fish is pumped into tankers or insulated totes containing Deepchill®, rapidly cooling the fish to stop deterioration and maintain consistent quality. Deepchill® crystals suspend the fish protecting it from damage during transportation.


2. Reception

After transport, fish can be temporarily stored in Deepchill® until processing — this extends the processing window and enables better handling of peaks without loss of quality.


3. Process

Deepchill® can be used in different stages of processing to stow and maintain temperature of the fish — allowing smoother operation and avoiding bottlenecks. Deepchill® is automatically pumped where needed, simplifying process and reducing labourious ice handling tasks.


5. Product distribution

(in the case of fresh products) Long-lasting Deepchill® solution allows for shipping to farther markets


4b. Packaging

(in the case of fresh products) Fish is packaged in Styrofoam boxes, which are then filled with Deepchill® —this prevents fish from drying and maintains consistent low temperature.


4a. Freezer

(in the case of frozen products) Freezing capacity and efficiency is improved sincefish is now pre-chilled to 0ºC before entering freezer. Faster freezing results in higher quality fish.

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