Stop throwing money down the drain!

Pipe cleaning doesn’t need to be time-consuming and wasteful. Deepchill® Ice Pigging is a faster, cleaner and smarter solution for cleaning pipes between products. It uses a fraction of the water, recovers more product and delivers cost savings at every step of the process.

Before we delve into our Deepchill® solution, let’s have a rundown of what Ice Pigging is and how it compares to other pipe cleaning methods.

What is Deepchill® Ice Pigging?

Ice Pigging is an efficient method for cleaning pipes where a slurry-like substance is pushed through a pipe. The Deepchill® slurry acts like a shape-shifting plug that pushes anything inside the line to the termination point – such as a hopper, bowl or drainage system.

While Deepchill® is commonly used to clean drinking water mains and sewage pipelines, Ice Pigging with Deepchill® is an effective pipe cleaning solution for different industries like:

  • Food processors
  • Surfactants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverages
  • Oil & gas
  • And more!

But how does Ice Pigging with Deepchill® compare to other pipe cleaning methods?

Let’s find out!

Deepchill® Ice Pigging vs. Other Pipe Cleaning Methods

Traditional Pigging

The traditional pigging method has significant drawbacks. For instance, hard pigs are not able to adapt to pipe diameter changes and may get stuck in the line, resulting in a costly and time-consuming excavation.

Water Flushing

Water flushing is one of the most common pipe cleaning methods in many industrial applications. While it is widely used, water flushing is not effective at removing product residue. It takes a large volume of water and caustic chemicals to clean the pipes, which wastes thousands of gallons of water and making it an unsustainable practice.

In addition, a lot of the product is lost in the flushing process, in many cases adding up to thousands of pounds of product losses annually. Plus, flushing this oily product down the drain typically results in effluent surcharges that add up to thousands of dollars!

There has to be a better way!

Deepchill® Ice Pigging

Deepchill® easily flows through pipes, and compared to flushing, Deepchill® uses up to 50% less water and helps recover significantly more product from the pipe residue. Also, cleaning with Deepchill® enhances your CIP process, and reduces down time between production runs, enabling you to get the most out of your operation.

How would this work in your facility?

The process couldn’t be simpler!

  1. First, the section of pipe is isolated
  2. Then the Deepchill® delivery line is connected to the pipe, typically at the CIP panel or through the product hopper/bowl
  3. Once connected, the upstream valve is opened and water pressure pushes the ice pig through the pipe like a plug
  4. At this time, product that remains in the line can be recovered until the pig gets close to the termination point
  5. The abrasive quality of Deepchill® ice crystals removes up to 99.8% of product residue and other contaminants in a single pass
  6. Lastly, the line is returned to service

As you can see, this makes the pipe cleaning process quicker, more efficient, lower risk and at the same time uses significantly less water.

A Recap of How Deepchill® Ice Pigging Benefits Your Business

  • Minimizes pipe CIP (clean-in-place) cycle time
  • Reduces environmental footprint and effluent
  • Cuts product waste and improves performance metrics
  • An ESG project that has a positive ROI with a 1-2 year payback
How can we help your operation?

We offer a variety of small and stationary to large and mobile systems for different pipe cleaning operations.

We work with you to design a solution that is fit for your operation and saves you time and money!

Contact us at [email protected] or call +1 905 856 0400 to find out more.

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