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Fresh broccoli packing

Guanajuato, Mexico

Fresh broccoli packing

Integrating a Deepchill® system into their new facility helped Sandovegetales expand production and reach new markets for their high quality produce.

Higher sales

After installing Deepchill®, Sandovegetales increased orders of its Asian-cut crown broccoli by more than 700%. They attracted new customers and distributors, and existing customers started ordering more. As a result, they expanded their business. Today, they are not just a major producer, they are also a large merchandiser.

Bigger market reach

Boxes of produce packed in Deepchill® can now be shipped from Mexico to distant markets such as Asia while still maintaining the quality and freshness of their product. This has allowed the company to acquire new customers in more parts of the world.

Efficient operations

With Deepchill® inside their own operations, the company now has more control of their icing process. Their broccoli does not have to wait in line at another facility for icing, where it can lose quality. The automated Deepchill® system also eliminates costly and maintenance-intensive equipment such as rakes, augurs and crushers, saving them time and money.

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